When I was building this collection, I really wanted to select a theme that would allow me to create timeless garments that were interesting to knit, easy to wear, and could be knit throughout the year.  As I was trying to come up with some ideas for a theme, I came across a photo of some Sperry Top-Sider loafers, and it hit me…what was more timeless and classic than preppy, nautical knits. 

So once I had my theme figured out, I began to think about the pieces I would wear throughout the year on or around the water. So, things I would wear if I got invited sailing, something to wear at the end of a long beach day and the air starts to get a chill, or even something to wear along the boardwalk on a cold fall evening.

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Patterns include, from left to right, Camden, Bale, and Ancon.

by Kirsten Singer

by Kirsten Singer

by Kirsten Singer

About Kirsten

I have been knitting now for a little over a decade, and each time I create something I learn something new about knitting, and about myself as a designer.  Recently, I have been very fortunate to start having some of my designs published in other publications, but Holla Knits gave me my first start, and designing with Allyson is always a pleasure!  I hope that you can learn a little bit more about me as a designer, a knitter, and as a person.  I try to update my blog regularly at  http://kleverknits.com so check that out for some progress pics! 

Me as a Designer: Figuring out who I am as a designer is constantly evolving, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, my tastes have simplified – I like well-constructed pieces in neutral or muted colors, that feature an interesting design element like a perfectly placed cable, or a mix of cables and lace to combine my two favorite things in knitting.  This collection is a good embodiment of my taste:  classic, quiet, and just a little bit unexpected.