Special Collection 2013:

Holla Crochet

Holla Knits is not just for knitters anymore! This new collection, Holla Knits Crochet, brings you six fun crochet patterns that will make you want to dust off your crochet hooks and brush up on your granny square making and lace crocheting skills. With accessories patterns like Prim, a pair of crocheted collars, Granny Square Earrings and RingDeco Daisies, a lace crochet cowl, and County Fair Scarf, a granny square cluster play on a bandanna, and garment patterns like Betty… Betty Grable, a vest you can wear two ways, and Cute Girl Squares Tank, a granny square peplum tank, this collection has a little something for everyone and every season. Patterns are designed by Ann Leachman, Casey Carroll, Michele Moskaluk, Clair Denny, Rohn Strong, and Allyson Dykhuizen.

Prim by Ann Leachman


Deco Daisies by Michele Moskaluk


Betty... Betty Grable by Rohn Strong


Cute Girl Squares Tank by Allyson Dykhuizen


Granny Squares Earrings and Ring set by Casey Carroll


County Fair Scarf by Claire Denny