Accessories Collection 2013

Snag all 6 amazing patterns included in this collection of Holla Knits Accessory patterns.

Patterns include, from top left to right: Chumash by Karin Wilmoth in Knits in Class, Hodgepodge Mittens by Annie Watts in Bumblebirch, KaPOM by Mari Chiba in Baah Yarns.

From bottom left to right: Unbroken by Lee Meredith in Jill Draper, Pippi by Emily Greene Blue in Wooly Wonka Fibers, No Glove(s) No Love by Claire Sandow in Copper Corgi.

Chumash by Karin Wilmoth


Hodgepodge Mittens by Annie Watts


KaPOM by Mari Chiba


Unbroken by Lee Meredith


Pippi by Emily Greene Blue


No Glove(s) No Love by Claire Sandow