Accessories Collection 2014

Everyone loves accessories, and the new Holla Knits Accessories Collection does not disappoint! With seven pattern including three hats, two cowls, slippers, and mitts, this collection will have you warm and looking awesome as the winter approaches. Holla Knits veteran designers Katie Canavan, Karin Wilmoth, and Leah Coccari-Swift join newcomers Karen Whooley, Ann Weaver, Allison Jane, and Patty Nance as contributors to this collection.

The three hat patterns include Allison Jane’s Woolly Mammoth, an ode to the fuzzy trapper hats of old, Karin Wilmoth’s Embrace My Inner Pixie which does just that! This fun hat can be worn a number of different ways depending on how pixie-like you want to look. And Karen Whooley contributes a crochet pattern to the mix with her Fair Isle Hat – that’s right! Her fair isle crochet technique will have you crocheting fair isle charts in no time. Patty Nance’s Foliage Cowl combines garter stitch and chunky lace to create a beautiful cozy cowl with an edge, and Ann Weave combines three colors and crazy all over cables to create a real show-stopping cowl! Whether you live in California or the Midwest, you’ll love Katie Canvan’s Cedar Glen Mitts with two versions so you can make them for warmth or make them for cuteness. And last but not least, Leah Coccari-Swift will have your feet pom-dazzled and cozy warm while you hibernate.

Patterns include, top left to right: Fair Isle Hat by Karen Whooley, Phaze II by Ann Weaver, Cedar Glen Mitts by Katie Canavan, Embrace My Inner Pixie by Karin Wilmoth. Bottom left to right: Cedar Glen Mitts again, Pom a Rama by Leah Coccari-Swift, Woolly Mammoth by Allison Jane, Foliage Cowl by Patty Nance.

Fair Isle Hat by Karen Whooley


Phaze II by Ann Weaver


Cedar Glen Mitts by Katie Canavan


Embrace My Inner Pixie by Karin Wilmoth


Pom a Rama Slippers by Leah Coccari-Swift


Woolly Mammoth by Allison Jane


Foliage Cowl by Patty Nance



Designers include, from left to right: Patty Nance, Katie Canavan, Karen Whooley, Leah Coccari-Swift, Allison Jane, Karin Wilmoth, and Ann Weaver.

Dyers and yarn support includes Knit Picks, Baah Yarn, Lion Brand Yarns, Neighborhood Fiber Company, Willow Yarns, and Knits in Class.